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"what I do"

gold_texture485In my energy-based healing work, I am often asked: "Can you tell me what you do?".
This question stops me, I have not been able to find an "at hand explanation" that I am O.K with, though I have tried for a long time.

So here is what my wife Christine wrote and it works better than anything I have come up with:

My husband does energy work – which he’d call a misnomer because what he does doesn’t fit into quite that clear a category. It’s kind of a shamanic, James Hillman-esque, soul, mythic energy dialog.

He has a highly developed, and very sensitive feminine side. Plus he’s schooled in the energetic and erotic nuances of difficult women– he’s had to be to, married to me. As I was a lesbian for 5 years before and during the time I was a prostitute, which is a whole ‘nother level of complexity.  So he easily navigates what could be a baffling flow of 'feminine pain'  ‘sexual essence’ energetic polarity flip/flop without his own essential masculinity feeling threatened.


So here is my attempt:

My healing work essential originates from the Feminine in me, and the Feminine is a mysterious affair.

Mostly the way the Masculine is present in our lives inhabits "positive space" - clarity, sureness, cause and effect, description, interpretation, logic, direction, bright light, reality testing.

The Feminine needs "negative space" to flourish. By "negative space", I don't mean a negative attitude, I mean; openness, mystery, twilight, imagery, ambiguity, connection, understanding, reflection, insight, deepening, space.
Telling one's story to those with a surfeit of positive space or who lack negative space wastes and trivializes it, brings self-doubt and self-denial, and poisons faith in one's story.

slugSharing it with those who do have negative space becomes a beautiful, connecting, and healing experience for both people.
In my story, Healing comes from the images of the soul and the anima/animus. Stories are essential in energy-based healing. Sometimes these images are of (in what has become the language of healing) chakras, auras, energies, and colors. Over the centuries and intensifying in the last few decades these organic images have become described, interpreted, formulated, and codified.

Story is the foundation of healing and skill in healing, not how facile the healer is at formulating knowledge and energy.
Energy follows story. If one's story does not have the soul's myths and images as a foundation, then energy and healing are only an analgesic, temporary relief from whatever we are weighed down, traumatized or made numb by and seek relief from.

3_oBut these things: chakras, auras, and energies, are part of the complex that is the “living us” and are, therefore, themselves complex living organisms that can and do have a daemonic life in us (personifications of the soul). They have their voices, their stories that are other than ours.

When we tell a chakra (by acting on it with energy and intent) it should “have this shape”, “spin that way” regulates “so and so part of the body”, and that it is the home to “these emotions” or the seat of “such and such psychic awareness”, we are no longer doing the more valuable healing and soul work of listening. Instead, we are doing the ego’s job of telling, describing, interpreting, formulating, and codifying. We minimize what we are capable of understanding, and the effect we can have.

redflowersWhen the soul’s image at the core of the “events” are not understood, only partially seen or grasped then “How”; how do I proceed?; how do I move forward?; what is my next step; how do I apply “this”, has a loud demanding presence, showing up as a need to, describe a process, one interpret the proceedings or formulate a strategy.

The voice of “How?” disappears when the core images are grasped and understood. They become the “How”.

Energy-based healing is the work of “Story”. It holds the negative space one's energies, psyche, and thoughts for the soul’s images and mythos to be present in. It holds this negative space for spirits and the soul of: plant; animal and nature; ancestors; angels; gods; and God to commingle and coalesce their image's - their mythos - to ours (and ours with theirs), creating a deeper, richer more complex narrative in us and in them. As this story gets a foothold in one's everyday thinking it facilitates permanent healing. When this happens, energy patterns organically move and shift, auras and chakras alter their shapes, hues, colors.

image_from_urlIt is true that not every pain (physical or emotional) is the tip of an iceberg attached to the depth of the soul. Some pains can be helped simply by acting on them with energy, intent and the influence of the spirits. My experience says about 25% of what brings people to me fall into this category. It is generally not enough though to manually pour in various types of energy or reshape the aura and chakras without this emergent new story. The old story will simply, after a little bit of time pull things back into their old patterns.

This healing way is not Psychotherapy, no one else need hear these stories (the old or the new) but they do have to live in you. In my healing practice I hold the space with maturity, energy, soul, and spirits so that you feel encouraged and supported in "seeing through events" facilitating and supporting the shift from "simply participating in events" to the “soul-making and healing” that comes from the story formed from seeing and listening to these "soul images” at their core.

header5Energy and Healing follow Story.

All of this is Hard work, Courageous work, Admirable work.... Beautiful work.


If what you find here speaks to you, please make an appointment.


No friend or animal wants to be interpreted, even though it may cry for understanding.
James Hillman

Tim Hanson Soul Myth Energy and Healing
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