Soul Myth Energy and Healing

Awarness of energy, emotions and vulnerability’s In

Awarness of energy, emotions and vulnerability’s In

  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Groups
Shifting obdurate  emotional, psychic and energetic coagulations

Shifting obdurate emotional, psychic and energetic coagulations

  • Deposits
  • Patterns
  • Goo
  • Calcification


There is a spectrum of the human aura or energy field that is the etheric part of our human emotions, and is the part of the energy field, I think, people mean when they talk about “blocks” or “stuck energy,” as this spectrum is prone to calcifications.

The skill or maybe the maturity required here is to know the difference between this range of the aura its goo and deposits and the chronically dismissed voice of the soul!

It is distressing and sad to see how often people in general (and healers in particular) try to heal away the soul because they cannot tell the difference between it and goo.


Chronic normalness

Chronic normalness

  • Excessive “The facts” based interpretation of life (or pie-chart-ism)
  • Inability to experience the soul or spirit
  • Anxiety or panic at the idea of not being normal

This might seem silly but we all suffer from this mightily in our own particular ways 

Directionless misery

Directionless misery

I know this seems to “dark” a road of pain? Most people I have found want to walk the road of Joy, Happiness and being Positive as a way to improving their life, and I have met many people particularly people who do energy work who advocate this road of joy. 

And I would say there is a kind of common decency to the people around us not to be oppressing them with a chronic gloominess. 

But I will make a statement; Joy and happiness are just like the fragrance emoted (yes I meant emoted not emitted) by a flower, that fragrance comes only after it has reached its fullest maturity, similar, the fragrance of Joy and Happiness are emoted by us only as innocent children or in our fullest maturity, which we only get to by walking our road of pain.

Death and Dying

Death and Dying

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Letting go
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Whatever is wanted or needed


It takes so much effort and work to get to the end point of one’s life, there is so much love, pain, yearning, hope, sorrow… that when you get there, it can only be helpful receiving healing and energy work at this transition point.

Energy work is often an excellent addition in the passing process and harmonizes well with hospice, and I have seen it bring (at least) a momentary peace and restfulness to many individuates worn with anxiety, fear, pain and sleeplessness.

Equally, I have witnessed energy work to be helpful to the family members and caregivers of the passing person, bring a measure of rest and rejuvenation.

The healing part can help with the translation of one’s consciousness out of this life and body, which can be one of the big components of the anxiety and fear that might be present.

Generalized emotional response to the zeitgeist

Generalized emotional response to the zeitgeist

  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Terror
  • Panic


Society: local, national and international seems in flux, this transition might be even a kind of collapse, along with its institutions, not to mention the environment.

This can be too much for anyone, even the dull, but for those who are sensitive or have foresight or insight, overwhelming.

The Soul and Myth part of “Soul Myth and Healing” can bring desperately needed insight into the zeitgeist.

This insight can bring a measure of capacity and stamina to live within the zeitgeist with authenticity and vulnerability.

Else one must be incapacitated by it, with; despair, hopelessness, panic attacks, I’ll-take-what-I-want-and-fuck-you or defend against it, with; brutal-transcendence or hard, brittle certainty.

All of which has an ensuing violence, which in-turn increases the panic, transcendence, and brittle certainty…repeat ad Infinium, ad nauseam

Socially marginalized Graces

Socially marginalized Graces

  • Assistance in hearing and understanding them
  • What thy are saying, what they want
  • Possibly, if appropriate, help in de-literalizing them




Healing and energetic attention to trauma of the

Healing and energetic attention to trauma of the

  • Blood
  • Body
  • Soul

Mild to Terrible 

Yes “Blood” the place of inheritance, our bloodline, our family; history, ancestors, religion, emotional dispositions…

It does not really matter if say, we practice or not, our family religion or political and class perspectives we have certainly inherited there blood.

This place of our most humanness, the blood, its aura and energies contain the coagulated goo and calcified deposits of our trauma inherited or inflicted.

I would argue that most things we do not do, that are authentic to us, we do not do, because we are afraid of not being or appearing normal. 

Just think of a situation where you did not show your authentic self (granted the reason for this can be complex).


  • A business meeting in which you did not voice your insights, foresight and understanding because they speak from sensitivity, depth, and soul, rooted in years of listening (for fear of ridicule and dismissal)
  • Understanding and insight into the dynamics of a relationship with friend or partner because it was rooted in intuition and sensitivity and not "facts" (the very definition of normal and the ultimate "normal" bully)
  • Sexual desires (this can be simply having them or not)
  • Gender orientation (having one, multiple or none)

Or maybe more like this; there is "Normalness" and "Vulnerability" and they are oppositional (at least by the rules of normal), to show up in vulnerability is to speak authentically (which normalness can not and will not tolerate)

Which means, mostly, sharing hard painful truths which is not a safe, secure thing to do, this by definition shows normal where and how it is poisoning the very well it is drinking from... long term viability, sustainability, and creativity.

But to show up in normal is to speak, explicitly, not in, vulnerability.

It is to speak for the maintenance, safety and security for those who have it (in all of its innumerable forms and expressions).

I mean by this, to show up in norma,l is to do everything one can not to be in vulnerability even though vulnerability is the one thing that can and will save you, but it is inherently not safe or secure.

"Normal"  always achieves it ends by deploying its 10-ton bullies "The Facts, Shaming" and "Threats" Really there is nothing that does not feel the crippling judgment and threat of Normalness.

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